Buy Farm Confident.  

From our farm... to your home. Heritage breeds, 100% grass fed & finished beef, woodland raised pork, pastured raised poultry.  Always non GMO, antibiotic & hormone free.

CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN LEWISBERRy, YORK COUNTY…the heart of central pennslyvania!!!


Meat, Pork, & Poultry

Our livestock are raised on pasture and rotational grazed to promote good soils resulting in a healthy environment and end product for you.  ALL of our meat, pork and poultry products are GMO free and never any antibiotics or hormones.


Specialty Products

Soaps and candles made right here on our farm.  We strive to use the best and purest ingredients so you can be confident in the products you are using.



We believe animals should be cared for and provided fresh air, clean water, and green pasture.  Oh, and our pigs get to enjoy roaming the woods and eating all things natural. 


100% Grass-fed...Just the way God intended it to be!